I’ve Been Doing Some Thinking

Published February 4, 2016 by wackybrittany

I have been doing some thinking about my shop, of course, but I’ve been thinking about what I have for sale in my shop. I’ve been thinking about are my prices reasonable? Probably not.  So I decided to lower some of my prices to what I think are more reasonable prices.

A couple of  reasons for this decision is because I first thought about the cost of materials. Since I tend to go for cheaper yarn it doesn’t make sense to over charge. I do want to make a little bit of money, but it still needs to be reasonable. The other reason is the quality of the pictures. Sounds a bit strange, but I know that the quality of the pictures are holding me back. I am limited to what I can take the pictures with and I don’t have a little area to be able to set up a photobooth.

The items I lowere prices on we’re my hats, scarves, and my baby items. If you are interested in checking those out the link is down below.



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