This is a Great Article

Published April 25, 2016 by wackybrittany

I was about ready to head to bed when I accidentally swiped too far to the right before going to bed. Warning, it’s about to get personal here. It is an article about a non verbal Autistic man who uses a computer to talk with, but not only that, he is a college student. I think this is amazing.

There are two reasons why this hits home so hard. One, I am on the Autism Spectrum. Something I don’t normally talk about, especially public. I am verbal and higher functioning, but none the less I’m on the spectrum. Another reason why it hits home is because my younger brother is has non verbal Autism. He was adopted, but that’s just a minor detail. Reading how this man is a college student, and the rest of his story makes me hopeful that my brother could achieve something like his one day.

‘I am here’ – Silenced by autism, young man finds his voice – The Washington Post –—silenced-by-autism-young-man-finds-his-voice/2016/04/25/c5db8c66-0a9c-11e6-bc53-db634ca94a2a_story.html#


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