I, uh..

Published August 22, 2016 by wackybrittany

I know it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted. I’m sorry. It’s been a pretty busy month. I have been busy almost everyday. Any time I’ve had free time all I wanted to do was rest. 

In this last week I went to the Clark County Fair, stayed the night at my friends two different times, two appointments, a birthday party at a river, and today went to the ocean for my dad and sisters baptism and it was my sisters birthday as well.

It’s been kind of crazy for me lately. I won’t be stopping any time soon. This week I have to make and deliver some orders from my shop, I need to fax something, and see my boyfriend tomorrow. Tuesday to Friday I’m doing something pretty cool. I’m helping sell handmade hats with a woman I have started working with. We crochet and sell hats. I get picked up around seven in the morning and I get home about six at night. For now I have Saturday free, then Sunday, like usual, is family day.

I wanted a break this summer, but I really haven’t gotten one.

Anyway, thank you for reading my ramblings. I hope to post more often.

Take care,



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