My Etsy Shop Is Doing Better!

Published October 2, 2016 by wackybrittany

I don’t know what is happening, but my Etsy shop is doing better! I’m pretty happy about that. I added my hemp ring back into my shop and sold a few over the summer.
These are the Items I sold over the summer:
Hemp Ring. I sold eight hemp rings.

Seahawks Team Colors Crochet Hat.

Puzzle Piece Fleece Beanie. I made this for Autism awareness. My younger brother has Autism.

Star Trek Red Shirt Inspired Slouchy Beanie. Since I have learned a better way to crochet beanies I don’t crochet this style anymore. I do have another red shirt beanie. Click here:

I also have a blue shirt Inspired beanie:

And I also have a yellow shirt Inspired beanie:

I am proud of myself. I have stuck with it. I didn’t give up completely on my shop. I almost did a few times, but I stuck with it. I started taking some better pictures, which could be better, I know, but I’m working with limited resources. I started making things that I like and people also like. Also I just love to making stuff. Right now I am pretty good at making hats. I got down the technique of making my rings. I hope to come out with more items as well.

Thank you for reading my post. Take care!


4 comments on “My Etsy Shop Is Doing Better!

  • Best wishes with your store; an associate of mine mentioned that she wanted to start an Etsy; I can imagine that it is not an easy venture but that it can be a rewarding one if one sticks with it.

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    • Thank you! It’s actually not as hard as it seems to start an Etsy shop. It takes a lot of patience and time, but for me it’s worth it. It did take me a while to start selling stuff, that was my biggest hurdle. But I just kept at it and I am loving making and selling my handmade goods.

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      • Hi Brittany,

        I think that’s my biggest fear; the wait for the first sale and if that sale never happens. But it should be my passion for whatever it is that keeps me going. Anyhow, Thank you for replying back; perhaps one day I will.

        Have a wonderful week ~

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