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Fun Experiment

Published June 10, 2017 by wackybrittany

I learned how to spin yarn using a drop spindle. If you don’t know what that means, basically, I take something called roving and I spin it into yarn. Roving is basically wool before it’s spun.
I took a picture of the drop spindle that I bought and some roving that was given to me. Please excuse the stained food tray.

I really love spinning yarn, but drop spinning has done a number on my hands and wrists. I really want a spinning wheel, but I don’t have the space or money for one. So that got me thinking. I had bought a small fan that has a low and a high setring on it. I wanted to glue a wooden dowel to the fan and attach a hook to it to make spinning faster and easier.

I spent weeks thinking about this. I finally got the courage to try it out.

It looks janky, but it actually works decently.

Hahahahaha, man that looks terrible. It took several layers of hot glue and several sticks before I reached this level. I used Gorilla Hot Glue. It was a guessing game of how much glue I needed. So I just kept on going until I felt it was sturdy enough.

First time I tried it without a hook it didnt spin at all. I kind of figured that would happen. After attaching a hook that I took from a other drop spindle that I have I started testing it more. It works. I dreft the roving, or pull the roving apart to spin, instead of spin and dreft. It just works for me that way. Drefting the roving before spinning seems to work a lot better rather than drefting while I go.

I have to constantly stop and go with this, just like with drop spinning, it just spins much faster. I have to keep a careful eye on the roving to make sure it isn’t spun too tight, or gets tangled since its spun really fast.

I like it. I hope I make good use of this thing. Yes I do plan on getting a real wheel in the future. Until then, I’m happy with my little device.

Thanks for reading! Take care!



This is a post about a DIY yarn spinner that I came up with. This is just talking about what I came up with and not a step by step tutorial. If you actually want to try this I am not liable for any outcome you have. This was a just for fun experiment.