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I Have a Snapchat Account

Published June 3, 2016 by wackybrittany

So, I finally decided to get a Snapchat account. I was hesitant at first about getting one, mostly because I just thought it was kind of weird, but I have begun to like it.

For the most part that is. Since I have been struggling with depression for a while the idea of taking pictures of myself is not pleasent, especially when I’m feeling depressed. I used to hate taking pictures of myself. I’ve always hated looking at myself in mirrors, let alone looking at my pictures after I take them.

I have gotten better, yes, but it’s a long slow road for me. I’m currently in counseling and it’s good I have some positive people in my life. I have been taking more and more pictures of myself recently as I have been healing from my past. I still struggle, but I’ve started to enjoy taking pictures of myself. Part to show my healing, but part because it’s fun. I’m not self centered, or seeking attention, or any other negative thought I’ve had about taking pictures of myself. I think it’s healthy to take pictures of myself, but not too many.

So in a way Snapchat is a good way to help me on my road to healing. It’s made me inspired to take more pictures to post into my Facebook and Instagram., not just of myself, but of other things as well.

Thank you for reading my blog! Take care!

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