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Scary Day

Published August 24, 2016 by wackybrittany

This is a story about what happened in Vancouver, Washington about a man that was in his underwear who was attacked in Starbucks.

Warning, this is a bit graphic. I am telling the story from what the victim told me, and putting in some of my details from my side. I live in the apartment next door to the victim, my bedroom and his bedroom are touching. I heard part of what happened. We live in a small apartment complex. I’m sharing two news stories. Both sum up pretty well what happened, but they don’t have the full story.

Yesterday I had a scary morning, but my neighbor had an even scarier morning. Both of these two men are my neighbors. This happened around 8 in the morning. That’s why the victim is in his underwear, he was sleeping when this happened. James, the one in the white shirt broke into the victim’s apartment, by kicking down his door. I heard the banging, it woke me up. I have been asked not to use his name. As that was happening the victim woke up and shut his bedroom door, then went into the bedroom. James kicked through the bedroom door and into the bathroom and started yelling. I heard him yell something about calling the cops, then I hear the victim say ow, pretty loud.

From there the victim crawled out of his apartment and ran outside. He tripped and James started hitting him. I called the police. So the victim is running and he sees Starbucks and runs inside and tries to hold the door closed. That part was on the news yesterday. James then opened the door, shoved the victim onto the floor. Two customers held back James, but not before he hits and kicks the victim. The police show up a few minutes later and arrests James and the victim goes to the hospital.

I saw the manager, told him what happened, then a police man showed up and I followed them to Starbucks and gave my report. I watched as James was arrested.

I later went to the hospital and visited the victim and his left eye socket has a fracture and may need surgery. I stayed with him yesterday for the rest of the day so he doesn’t have to be alone.

The whole TV remote thing is weird since James doesn’t have Comcast. James also has Schizophrenia and Bipolar. He had been asking to use people’s laptops and phones to try to use the Internet for months, but everyone told him no. The night before he asked to use the victim’s laptop, but he said no. I guess he got tired of hearing no and took it out on the victim.

The part about he victim breaking into Jame’s apartment isn’t true. The victim is a really nice person. We have been neighbors for about two years. He has never broken into an apartment and he’s always been nice to everybody.

The whole apartment complex is pretty shaken up about what happened. A few weeks ago James tried to kick into the victim’s apartment and nothing was done then. It left everybody really scared and afraid to talk to him. Something should’ve been done sooner.

The victim is doing better and resting up. He hopes to soon put this whole situation behind him soon.

I know that in one of the news articles the victim uses his name, but out of respect, and because he asked me to, I chose not to use his name here.