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Rough First Day

Published September 26, 2017 by wackybrittany

Like I talked about in my last blog post, today was the first day of school. It was pretty tough. I barely got enough sleep last night. I had a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, and I tossed and turned a lot. Dang anxiety!

I need to review slopes for my math class. We just continue from where I left off from my last class. The teacher goes kind of fast too. I’ll be struggling this term.

I also found out that for one online computer class I need a laptop so I can do my homework on the go. I have a Linux laptop and a windows desktop. It’s not required, but it would be 10x’s easier if I had one. I also should’ve already taken the other computer class I’m taking, but it’s not required. This is going to be a fun term..
After class got out I went to the bookstore to get my books. I had to wait in line an hour before I could buy my book. That’s typical for the first week of class. Why do college textbooks have to cost so much?

I’m facing at least 30 hours of homework per week along with my 12 credit classes. On top of that I work. Why must I do this to myself? This is too difficult for me. I can’t handle this type of stress.

I’m not neurotypical. I have no other choice though. I’ve been forced to go t work because I’m no longer disabled enough for Social Security. I want to go to school for a better job than a cashier at Walmart, but it’s too difficult to work and go to school. Why does life have to shit on me so hard right now? Ugh!

Rant over, for now, sorry.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a good day!


School Has Started

Published September 25, 2017 by wackybrittany

I had a pretty chaotic summer, for me at least. My store had a remodel, I transferred stores, I was always busy on my days off, I was barely home, and I never got enough sleep. Starting at a new store was chaotic for the first week. 

I’m ready for things to calm down. Will they? Nope. Not now at school has started. This term I’m taking a math class on campus and two online computer classes. Why do I do this to myself?

I had a rough night. I got maybe four hours of sleep with lots of tossing and turning. My anxiety was running high. I wasn’t able to fall asleep, or when I did fall asleep I couldn’t stay asleep. I didn’t dress for the weather today. I thought it was supposed to be warm, but it’s cloudy, so I’m in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops. I’m sitting, waiting for class, cold.

I’ll try to make another post after I login and do my online classes later tonight.

I Have a Snapchat Account

Published June 3, 2016 by wackybrittany

So, I finally decided to get a Snapchat account. I was hesitant at first about getting one, mostly because I just thought it was kind of weird, but I have begun to like it.

For the most part that is. Since I have been struggling with depression for a while the idea of taking pictures of myself is not pleasent, especially when I’m feeling depressed. I used to hate taking pictures of myself. I’ve always hated looking at myself in mirrors, let alone looking at my pictures after I take them.

I have gotten better, yes, but it’s a long slow road for me. I’m currently in counseling and it’s good I have some positive people in my life. I have been taking more and more pictures of myself recently as I have been healing from my past. I still struggle, but I’ve started to enjoy taking pictures of myself. Part to show my healing, but part because it’s fun. I’m not self centered, or seeking attention, or any other negative thought I’ve had about taking pictures of myself. I think it’s healthy to take pictures of myself, but not too many.

So in a way Snapchat is a good way to help me on my road to healing. It’s made me inspired to take more pictures to post into my Facebook and Instagram., not just of myself, but of other things as well.

Thank you for reading my blog! Take care!

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