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Merry Christmas!

Published December 26, 2016 by wackybrittany

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas! Happy Holidays who celebrate other holidays!

I am at my mom’s celebrating Christmas with my family. We’re having a good time.
Non Christmas related stuff:

Phew! The holidays have been crazy for me. It felt like all I did was go to work, go home and go to bed, and repeat. I was scheduled 30+ hours a week. I had one day of being completely lazy, on a snow day, but that was it. On other days I didn’t work I saw friends, but that only happened a couple of times.

I’m hoping that since my hours will be dropping I’ll be able to have more time for my Etsy shop. I still want to run my shop. Something I’ve learned about running my shop is to make my items, then sell them. Don’t do made to order, that is much more difficult to do.

I am trying a new craft and I’m hoping to be able to start making and selling items from that.

I got an A in my ASL class and a B in my writing class. Next term I’ll be taking ASL 202, Reading 115, and Math I think 60 something..

Thank you for reading my random ramblings. Take care!



Summer Haircut

Published July 18, 2016 by wackybrittany

I got a summer haircut. It was kind of an accident, but what can I do? I wanted it a little longer than this, but it will grow. Now my head can breath and I can start over with a new hairstyle.

Sleep Problems

Published May 19, 2016 by wackybrittany

Just a random post because I can’t think of much else to say for today.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Sometimes it’s my fault because I don’t want to go to bed early like I’m supposed to. I stay up until one in the morning when I have to wake up at 5:30. 

Sometimes it’s not my fault because I need a nap during the day when I don’t sleep long enough at night. Sometimes I sleep decently during the weekend, but for some reason I need a nap on Monday, which will make it hard for me to go to bed. Even if I go to bed early that night. I think I have missed three to four days of school because of my naps on Mondays.

I had a combination of not wanting to go to sleep, and a hard time falling asleep last night. That happens often as well. I know it’s my fault, but I feel crappy today. You would think I would I have have a sleeping schedule by now since it’s nearing the end of the term, but nope, I don’t.

Please excuse the rambling of this random post. Thanks for reading.

Colored Hair

Published April 16, 2016 by wackybrittany

I decided to color my hair blue. Why blue? My boyfriend chose the color. Why was that his choice? He had no clue. He randomly said blue. I like ver when it first turned out. After one wash, it faded. Bleh. Oh well. 

The first picture is the first day. Second picture is after one wash.